Sync Sub-tasks to Parent

Synchronize and aggregate field values from multiple Sub-Tasks to their Parent Issue

Automatically aggregate the components and labels fields from multiple Sub-Tasks and synchronize them to their parent issue. This way, you have all data summarized in one place. 

  • Individual configuration lets you choose for which project, parent-issue-type, subtask-issue-type and field you want the sync to be active 

  • Issue detail pages show an indicator that lets you know if a sync is enabled for this issue 

  • Values are synchronized every 5 minutes

Automatically aggregate and synchronize fields

Field values (e.g., Components, Labels) added to the Sub-Tasks will be automatically aggregated and synchronized to the parent issue.

Set up individual synchronization jobs

The settings page is used to set up the synchronization jobs and can be reached from the Jira administration. The jobs are configured per project, parent issue type, sub-task issue type and field combination.


An indicator shows where a sync job is active

An indicator shows us that a synchronization job is active for the opened issue.